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Bushel Steamed Maryland Blue Crabs

Bushel Steamed Maryland Blue Crabs

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Do you need a crab picking refresher? Yes?

Try these steps. 1) Gather your artillery: your hands (should be easy), work space (picnic table with crab paper), comfy clothes (possibly a smock or bib), wooden mallet, silver claw cracker and seafood fork or trusty crab knife. 2) Quickly crab the fattest crab from the pile before your cousin chooses it and place the crab belly-up. 3) Grab the apron and pull it up & snap it in order to place your fingers in the groove to pry off the top shell (Don’t worry; nature grew these crabs for this reason and he’s already cooked, so enjoy). 4) Remove the gills & guts. Crack the crab in two halves. (Watch the experienced eaters for guidance, but always look sure of yourself. Never let them see you sweat, unless its 90° outside.) 5) Press lightly on the back legs and pull the sweet backfin meat from the body. Find your spicy remoulade or hot butter that complements spicy with the salty-sweet meat. 6) Grab each leg and pick with the seafood fork the tasty morsels. Prepare yourself for the claws with the heavy artillery, the silver claw cracker. Carefully crack the claw, but don’t mutilate it. (Once again, peek at the experts’ strategy.) Twist the claw and strategically pull out the meat and showcase the piece and dunk it swiftly into your chosen sauce. 7) Leave no meat unturned since the experts will find this oversight a major faux pas!

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