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2 Dozen Steamed Small Male Blue Crabs (5-5.5) Inches- (2) Mallets- (2) Crab Knives- (2) Crab Bibs

2 Dozen Steamed Small Male Blue Crabs (5-5.5) Inches- (2) Mallets- (2) Crab Knives- (2) Crab Bibs

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August Bay Crabs steam into a majestic meal!
Sporting the signature blue claws and olive hard-shell, Maryland Blue Crabs begin the "Fat Crab Season" in August. Our 2-Dozen Bay Crab special receives accolades for taste and heaviness. Steamed and spiced to your order, we ship Chesapeake Bay Crabs to your door in a custom cooler. Not only that, we throw in 2 mallets, 2 crab knives, 2 crab bibs and FREE shipping to make your Labor Day glorious!
Blue Crab Hunting
Late summer brings the “Things to Do List” to mind. How can I achieve my goals before the encroaching fall? Study, plan and act! Maybe catching your own Blue Crabs leads the list. Follow these tips for catching your own dozen or two. First, search out grassy shallow marshy waters near the Bay’s shore. Crabs enjoy the protecting cover from predators and the bountiful supply of food. What do crabs eat? Everything! They scavenge the open-ended waterways for sustenance. Second, purchase a pyramid or rectangle wire-mesh trap and strategically place them in deep enough waters to submerge the traps. Tie bait in the center. Choose obvious winners as oily fish to get those crabs crawling in ecstasy. With the pyramid trap, pull the line after an hour to catch the feasting crabs. As far as the rectangle design, leave in the water for a day or two and enjoy a more bountiful catch. This design traps the crab the moment he enters. Third, click the link above if you don’t want to labor on Labor Day and want The Great Maryland Crab Company to catch, steam and ship your crabs to your door for a relaxing feast! You can still cross crabbing off your “Things to Do List.” We won’t tell on you!

You can order crabs steamed or live. Our steamed crabs come with light, medium, heavy or no seasoning and can be eaten cold or reheated. Our live crabs are caught daily from our own fishing boats and transported to one of our three crab houses. They are then shipped overnight to your table all in a matter of 24 hours.

U.S. Seafood & Meat Co. offers the largest grading scale in the industry at the most reasonable price. Our crabs are measured on the 1/2 inch point to point on the top shell increments and giving their appropriate size according to the "old time Maryland" grading scale. Most companies have abandoned this scale because its become hard to get Super Legends and Extra Larges. Our boats crab in secret coves and continue to catch these beautiful sought after crabs still today.

****Steamed crabs that are shipped using a method more than two days in transit may experience a fresh product becoming partially or fully frozen due to dry ice. This does not affect the freshness of the product. If this is an occurrence no refunds or reshipments of the product will occur.****

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