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1/2 Bushel Of Maryland Blue Crabs

1/2 Bushel Of Maryland Blue Crabs

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How good are our crabs? Let’s just say, unbelievably delicious!

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Blue Crabs swim all along the East Coast and weigh down our pots with all sizes. We grade small (5”-5.5”), medium (5.5”-6”), large (6”-6.5”), x-large (6.5”-7”) and super (7” +) with precision. We take pride in honesty and getting your crabs quickly to you with zero shipping charge! Maryland Blue Crabs from the Chesapeake taste extra sweet; however, with the perfect mix of salt and fresh water, better known as brackish. Huge crabs grow from a diet of eel grass, oysters, snails, clams and fish. With all these fat crabs, you know that the meat is delicious, but where can you find the best meat on the Blue Crab? First, keep in mind that the average crab weighs about 1/3 pound and produces about a 2 ¼ ounces of meat according to the crab gurus.

So, you need to map out the crab to find the three major kinds of crab meat. Most of the meat resides in the cartilage-lined channels on both sides of the crab.

· Jumbo meat pulls from the back of larger crabs, especially crabs (6”-up). You’ll love the large, pristine, pure succulent pieces found in the back-swimming leg muscles.

· Lump chunks fall from the crab’s body with similar meat to jumbo, but in smaller pieces.

· Darker claw meat, slightly pink in color will pull from the claws. It boasts a robust flavor. We know crab feasting takes work, but once you get a strategy, you can enjoy tasting the different meat found in “The Beautiful Swimmer that is savory.”

Check out our half bushel categories. [Serves about 5 adults.]

· Bay-(small & medium mix), 3 ½ -4 dozen.

· Jimmy-(medium & large mix), c. 3 dozen.

· Jumbo-(large & x-large mix), c. 2 ½ dozen.

· Female-(small-medium-large-x-large mix), 3-4 dozen.

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