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(10 lb Case) [Frozen] 26-30 Ct Shell On Gulf White P and D Shrimp  (Product Of The U.S.A)- (10) 1 lb Bages (10 lb Case) [Frozen] 26-30 Ct Shell On Gulf White P and D Shrimp (Product Of The U.S.A)- (10) 1 lb Bages

Our Crab Cakes are the real deal—no fussy stuff, no flavor disguises. Just pure, sweet crab meat, and lots of it. We use the freshest hand picked meat, very little filler and no unnecessary ingredients. This recipe is legit. Our crab cakes will have your mouth watering as the flavor burst in your mouth. All of our "SELECT" crab cakes are handmade in Maryland with 100% domestic U.S.A Blue Crab Meat.

Our Price: $145.99
(20 lb Case)  10-20 CT Individually Frozen Dry Scallops- Product Of The U.S.A - (4) 5 lb Bages (20 lb Case) 10-20 CT Individually Frozen Dry Scallops- Product Of The U.S.A - (4) 5 lb Bages

Add delicate, sweet flavor to your seafood extravaganza with
sea scallops, shucked especially for your recipe.  With proper sautéing, pan-searing, grilling,
broiling, or even deep-frying, these 10-20 count delicacies conform to your entrée.  Salt, pepper, orange-lime vinaigrette, brown
butter, capers, and fresh lemons enhance the already soft and chewy tasty jewels
from the sea.  Northern Atlantic scallops
resound with celebratory tastes of the ocean and make any event amazing!

Our Price: $339.99
(50 lbs) Boiled Louisiana Craw fish-{FROZEN] Product of the U.S.A (50 lbs) Boiled Louisiana Craw fish-{FROZEN] Product of the U.S.A

Serve up this delicacy for your next engagement!  Some call them crawfish, crayfish, or
crawdads, while others dub them mini-lobsters, mud bugs, or swamp lobsters.  Whatever you call them, they shine in your
recipe as they “soak-up” the juices of curry, Cajun or even Homestyle with squeezed
lemon, pepper and oregano.  Get out your
chef hat and boil, cook, fry; or even stew these delicious bite-size
mini-succulent white meat crustaceans.
In just a 3 oz. serving, you’ll receive 14 grams of protein and 70
calories.  Could we now call them your “loved-bugs?”  Join in the craze and enjoy this deal!

Our Price: $360.99
(20 lb Case) King Crab Legs - (16-20 CT) (20 lb Case) King Crab Legs - (16-20 CT)

Catch this deal!

The Great Maryland Crab Company searches out the largest and outright behemoth King Crab Legs from the Pacific Ocean for your crab feast. Called the “King” for a reason, these legs crack open to hefty-sized, sweet meat. Our crew quickly steam, and flash freeze the King Crab Legs so all you need to do is reheat them. Flash-freezing the legs keeps the texture and taste at a premium quality.Gather your friends for the Big Football Game and start cracking!

Check out the health benefits!

King Crab Legs supply loads of protein to keep your muscles strong. In fact, resources claim an average sized large leg contains 26 grams of protein. Not only that, omega 3’s reach high levels that help bone health, immunity strength and circulatory efficiency. Include King Crab Legs on your healthy food list. Nothing like a food that tastes superior and does the body good!

Cooking is easy!

Consider steaming the legs for a classic taste and easy heating that unleashes the salty-sweet flavor and keeps the meat moist and tender. Place your order from The Great Maryland Crab Company in a steamer basket and fill the pot that fits the basket with water. Bring the water to a bustling boil and then cut off the heat and quickly cover the pot. Allow the legs to heat for 5-6 minutes. Meanwhile, prepare hot clarified butter, Almond Caesar Salad and Cottage-Cut French Fries as tasty sides and complements. Your guests may want to add sophistication with such a delicacy with a crisp, but buttery chardonnay. Enjoy the superior tastes from the Sea!

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Our Price: $495.99