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(4 lbs) Snow Crab Legs (4 lbs) Snow Crab Legs

Try the exotic, famous King Crab Legs, featuring pure white,
mild tasting meat in the leg’s center and red highlights along the outer layers.  Caught near the Aleutian Islands in the Bering
Sea, this King Crab Leg serves well with clarified, steaming hot butter, and
complements a tender steak, steamed shrimp, buttery corn-on-the-cob, or your
dietary choice.  Try grilling for a
char-grilled flavor; steam for a buttery, juicy texture, or bake adding to a
majestic delicious meal.  Don’t know how
much to order?  You get about two legs
per pound with the 16-20 count.  Bon appetite!

Our Price: $99.99