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(3 lbs) Fresh Domestic Claw Crab Meat (3 lbs) Fresh Domestic Claw Crab Meat

Our Claw Meat Is All Domestically Picked Right Here In the United States. Claw meat is darker then other crab meat but offers a sweet flavor.

Our crab meat comes from one of 4 picking houses to ensure we have a great supply of U.S Crab Meat year round. Our picking house are located in Maryland, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Alabama. Depending on the time of year and fishing luck determines where the meat is coming from that particular day.

Our Price: $109.99
(3 lbs) Fresh Domestic Lump Crab Meat (3 lbs) Fresh Domestic Lump Crab Meat

Freshly picked domestic Lump Crab Meat, flash frozen to maintain sweet delicate flavor, offers premium seafood for your cuisine. Search through your Grandma’s rolodex cookbook for your own crab cake recipe. Slice and dice vegetables for your authentic Maryland Vegetable Crab Soup or bring out the chips and get a dip’n with your homemade crab dip. Jumbo male crabs with flaky meat consistently lumped for premium taste, perfectly create crab cakes, fulfill cream of crab or flank a 12 oz. Maine lobster tail. Visit us on Facebook for recipes and blogs!

Our Price: $159.99
Jumbo Lump  Blue Crab Meat (3 lbs) Fresh Domestic Jumbo Lump Crab Meat

Jumbo Blue Crab Meat transforms any recipe into an elegant meal.

Picked from heavy Chesapeake Bay Crabs, jumbo meat offers flaky, supple and delicately sweet white meat. Stuff a pan-seared flounder or grouper with jumbo lump and squeeze lemons and sprinkle Old Bay on this surf and surf combination. Three pounds of meat give you the opportunity to try many recipes, but Imperial may serve as your favorite. Mix the sauce combination together for a spicy-creamy base for your crab meat. Whisk fresh mayonnaise, large egg yolks, zesty lemon juice, chopped parsley and spicy Old Bay. Fold in the jumbo crab pieces, but with care not to “break-down” the meat. Place the imperial in a casserole dish and bake for 20-25 minutes at 350 °F. Stuff lobster, shrimp or mushrooms with this exquisitely buttery, salty-sweet creation. Stuff meat or embellish vegetables with crab imperial. Sometimes, even a sturdy chip or bold cracker will do the trick! Follow us on Facebook for dipping eye-witness blogs and videos.

Our Price: $199.99