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(3 lbs.) [Frozen] 16-20 ct. Shell-on Gulf White P&D Shrimp  (USA Product) (3 lbs.) [Frozen] 16-20 ct. Shell-on Gulf White P&D Shrimp (USA Product)

Colossal peeled and deveined jumbo shrimp fill a pound at about 16-20 shrimp. Think about how many shrimp per person based on what you prefer and stock up your catch accordingly. Our boats net four popular select species. In fact, these favorites each carry an impressive difference for your dish. Pink and White Shrimp both receive the award as the sweetest with a nutty finisher to the pallet. White beats Pink by a “tentacle” with a robust succulence. How about showcasing a Caesar salad or adorning a steak with these two sure winners? As far as Brown shrimp, it mixes well with sauces and triumphs a gumbo in a snap! Keep in mind, a mineral flavor exists in brown so crank up the curry! Finally, red shrimp compares to a lobster’s firmness and flavor and may accompany a white sauce like no one’s business. No matter what variety take pride in American shrimp, tastier and plumper than the rest!

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