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1/2 Bushel Of Maryland Blue Crabs 1/2 Bushel Of Maryland Blue Crabs

Freshmarylandbluecrab.com sells 1/2 Bushels in 4 categories, all containing heavy, meaty crabs with generous amounts of Old Bay. Each crab type offers unique qualities for your picking experience. Bays propose appetizer assets or will feed young enthusiasts handily, all for a modest price. Jimmies consist of a variety sampling from medium to large crabs that contain some amounts of lumpy, succulent, sweet meat. Jumbos present the much sought after backfin meat that serves as an entree and marvels your dinner guests. Lastly, the Females exhibit denser meat, while the male meat possesses flakier meat, and the Females may contain eggs, a treasure to some Crab-eating connoisseurs.